Defect cost reduction for quality managers and the automotive industry.

Annual 6- to 7-digit savings of your production costs,
by drastically minimizing errors and thus costs!

With our systematic 0-defect-matrix, annual savings in the 6- to 7-digit euro range are possible.

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The problems that many quality managers face:

Errors have no place in production…
One ought to avoid mistakes instead of fixing them! Saved costs increase profit!

Problem 1

Errors lead to costs

As a manufacturing company, you probably know that failure costs are always a topic. For example, complaints are one of them.

Every customer who complains, every escalation in the company affects the motivation and resources of the team.

Problem 2

Errors lead to complaints

Process errors lead to scrap or rework.

Undetected defective goods in downstream stages of the value chain lead to a multiplication of costs.
The question until the next customer complaint is not if, but only when it will come!

"Audimus failure costs"
Reduce errors noticeably and sustainably

Reduce defect costs intelligently and efficiently in the automotive industry, even for complex manufacturing processes. This is how you easily eliminate unnecessary errors. Reduce the error rate to nearly 0 with the "0-Defect-Matrix". Without additional effort and within 2 to 3 months

Benefit 1:
Save error costs

Additionally save 6-7 digit error and scrap costs. With our 0 defect method, you can quickly identify errors and permanently eliminate and avoid them.

Benefit 2: Increase customer satisfaction

The goal is a complaint rate of close to ZERO. This is possible and creates customer satisfaction and loyalty. This change is also clearly reflected in your P&L.

Benefit 3: Increase employee satisfaction

Fewer errors and better product quality have a motivating effect on employee satisfaction, thus reducing turnover. Achieved customer results in the automotive industry through the "Audimus 0-Defect-Matrix":

How to master your impact analysis with ease using Audimus

After our initial meeting to determine your savings potential, you will know whether and how you can save error costs in the 6- to 7-digit range.

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Vereinbaren Sie ein Gespräch zur kostenlosenen Potenzialanalyse zur Ermittlung von Einsparpotenzial durch Fehlerkostenreduktion

Analysis of potential

If your request promises potential savings, an expert will conduct a potential analysis with you.

Strategy discussion

Learn how much cost you can save in what time, and how quickly you can achieve these benefits.

What can you expect during the initial appointment?

In this discussion we will find out how much potential there is for you in your production and what cost savings are basically possible.

You will learn:

Cost savings in the 6-digit range are only possible if...

Why traditional defect management doesn't deliver the results needed and doesn't stop the complaints.

Hier bekommen Sie Fehler-Management, das wirklich zu 0-Fehlern führt.

Audimus Consulting again awarded Top Consultant

Audimus Consulting has made the leap into the ranks of the best SME consultants.

Since the company was founded in 2015, the Saarbrücken-based consultants have made a name for themselves primarily with their expertise in the areas of quality management and information security management consulting.

The focus of their activities is on the implementation and further development of management systems, guidance towards certifications, error cost reduction projects and the performance of audits - also remotely.

Meet the team

Christian Frisch

Q-Auditor & Automotive Core Expert
Christian Frisch puts his foot down and is hard to stop. He is now one of the best consultants and auditors and still has a lot planned - but also a lot behind him, namely his wife and two children.

Jan Schumacher

He himself says that what he loves about his job is thinking through complex systems and processes. In his free time, he is passionate about cooking, covering longer distances on his bike and has developed a passion for "backpacking" trips.

Stefan Liebig

Account Management
Stefan Liebig has a good connection to our customers and takes care of a comprehensive support. In this way, he ensures that you receive an offer that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Nadine Haßdenteufel

Marketing & Team Assistance
For Audimus Consulting, she is on the web working with the whole team to come up with fresh ideas for our social media channels.

Jonas Rouenhoff

Team Assistance
We came to his attention through a career guidance program, and at Audimus Consulting he supports anyone who needs help.

And many more...

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